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OddsOn Promotions is New Zealand & Australia's largest prize indemnity and promotions company - we put the WOW factor into your promotion.

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We design and manage promotions which help you stand out from the crowd, attract visitors and customers, and which sell your product, whether it be cars or stadium seats.

Hole in One Insurance
Why not add some sizzle to your next corporate golf day, golf tournament or charity golf day by adding a Hole in One prize.

A car, a boat, a holiday, a new house, cash ……… whatever you like to inspire your golfers.

Just imagine if someone gets the hole in one on the day – what an event to remember. Because you have taken out hole in one insurance – the prize is paid for by us – you just pay the small fee to ensure your next golf day is a huge success.

We provide the tee signs to promote your sponsor prize and also prizes on other par three holes on the day.

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Big Prizes - Huge Results
& WE PAY if you have a winner!
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Sports Promotions
OddsOn Promotions offers a variety of sports promotions and contests to build support for the home team and recognition for your organisation. Link your business to the action on the playing field to increase brand awareness and leverage your sponsorship.
OddsOn Promotions can develop promotions that generate excitement for both consumers and fans, maximising the return on your sports marketing dollars.
Whether you want to build traffic, raise funds, generate publicity or increase support - 
OddsOn Promotions will help you organise a fixed fee game of skill promotion offering 
participants chance to win a prize, to put you on course toward a championship season.
Each game of skill promotion is accompanied by promotional prize coverage in a form of
fixed fee
prize insurance for the outcome of your game.
For example, offer your customers a chance to win $50,000 with a game of skill promotion,
which awards the prize if a contestant successfully completes the game based on physical skill.
Popular games of skill include:
  • Basketball Half-Court Shot
  • Footy Target Kick
  • Hole In One Golf
If they make the shot, they win the major prize and you only pay only a fraction of the prize
value for the promotional insurance that covers the payout. In order to be eligible to enter the
competition draw,
for a chance to be selected for a game of skill offering the possibility of winning
the grand prize, participants must comply with specified conditions such as purchase of a newly
launched product, product volume-buy, visit  to the retail outlet or venue, membership subscription...
Sponsorship promotions have never been so easy!


Ipad Stands
Anti-Theft Height Adjustable iPad Floor Stand with Lock
 $149 + Freight

Anti-Theft Metal iPad Floor Stand with Lock
+ Freight

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Cash Cube Money Machine

Cash Cubes for hire or purchase now please call for more information
Retail Promotions
Retail outlets can now maximise their promotional efforts and implement prize promotion campaigns to build brand loyalty, generate sales leads, increase buyer foot traffic and customer sales, whilst eliminating the financial risk of prize payouts.
OddsOn Promotions' retail promotions can be simple, profit-boosting additions to your existing campaigns or high impact centre pieces for a new consumer marketing initiative. For a fixed fee, that is only a fraction of the prize value, prize coverage insurance pays the prize, when a contestant participating in one of our grand promotions selects the grand prize.
With OddsOn Promotions prize insured retail promotions you can offer a BIG PRIZE such as a shopping spree, a car or cash of $1 Million or more without the risk of paying when someone wins.
OddsOn Promotions offers an extensive portfolio of prize contest mechanics resulting in attention grabbing retail promotions that:
  • Drive customer traffic into your retail outlet
  • Influence store and retail chain preference
  • Increase frequency of shopper visits
  • Encourage trial and customer retention
  • Increase store visibility and appeal
  • Create and reward customer loyalty
  • Encourage visitations to your website and capture customer details
  • Drive new registrations for email newsletters and customer loyalty programs
  • Increase direct mail response rate
  • Generate leads and increase prospect databases
OddsOn Promotions offers complete solution to achieving your retail marketing objectives. Our expertise
enables us to recommend the most suitable and cost effective prize promotion to match your target markets'
requirements and manage its implementation. So cut through the advertising clutter and get your customers'
attention with a high profile customer incentive campaign from OddsOn Promotions, maximising the return on
your retail marketing investment.


OddsOn Promotions is a promotion insurance expert offering contest insurance
to eliminate promotional payout risk. We maximise marketing opportunities,
found in the creative use of promotional insurance, to promote events, products and brands

Whether an opportunity exists on the internet, radio, a trade show or at an event itself, our range of insured prize promotions and incentive competitions perfectly complements consumer and trade marketing programs across numerous industries.

All prize competitions developed by OddsOn Promotions Promotions are accompanied by promotion insurance, also referred to as contest insurance, to eliminate the prize payout risk, in the event of a winner.

OddsOn Promotions excels at developing affordable yet highly effective instant win competitions, chance to win promotions and games of skill, in the form of consumer incentive campaigns, loyalty programs, online promotions and SMS contests, scratch and win cards, trade show promotions and fundraising ideas to name a few.
Competitions supported by promotion insurance offer
BIG VALUE incentives and break through the advertising clutter!
They are an excellent marketing tool to:
  • Generate sale leads and increase sales
  • Draw attention and foot traffic to retail outlets
  • Boost attendance to events, fundraisers and trade shows
  • Increase brand awareness and grow brand equity
  • Encourage customer retention
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Capture market share with newly launched products
  • Leverage online, SMS interactive marketing
  • Maximise sports sponsorship ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Increase direct mail and press advertising response rates
  • Capture prospect data by driving visitors to your website
  • Achieve trade loyalty with sales incentives

    Our expertise in promotional insurance enables us to offer a fixed service fee to assume all financial risk for the outcome of your competition.

    OddsOn Promotions calculates the contest insurance premium based on your specific promotional requirements taking into account the number of participants and the value of the prize.

    We work in conjunction with the world’s largest prize insurance companies, ensuring guaranteed prize payouts of your prizes, which allows you to maximise campaign impact and motivate your customers and prospects to take action, while controlling your financial exposure.

    With contest insurance you can launch a very successful trade or consumer promotion, offering an incentive such as a major prize ranging from $10,000 to $1 Million or more, for only a fraction of the grand prize value.

    OddsOn Promotions also specialises in Hole In One insurance for golf competitions. Commonly called Hole In One Insurance prize coverage is used on prizes which come in all shapes and sizes, from new cars to exotic holidays to cold hard cash.
    OddsOn Promotions prides itself in developing close relationships with clients, offering contest insurance for customised prize promotions which address their unique objectives, requirements, time frame and budget.
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